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I’m Sylvia Dickey Smith, and I’m thrilled you chose to visit my website. I’m author of the Sidra Smart mystery series. I’ve also written an award-winning historical novel, A War Of Her Own, and a cookbook, Sassy Southern Classy Cajun. You can learn more about those books here by visiting the title pages, viewing book trailers, and reading some excerpts.

A fifth-generation Texan, I was born in Orange and grew up in a colorful Scots-Irish family living in the midst of a Cajun culture. When 34, my curiosity about the world took on a whole new dimension when I moved to the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad & Tobago. Awed by the differences in customs and cultures, particularly as they related to West Indian women, set me on a journey of study and self-discovery.

Back in the U.S. at 40, I started college and didn’t stop until I achieved a B.A. in sociology with a concentration in women’s studies and a master’s in counseling.

An advocate for women, my writing features those who recreate themselves into the people they want to be, strong women who take charge of their lives and get things done. (If you’ve met Sidra Smart or Bea Meade, you know what I mean.)

The stories dwell on the wondrous twists and turns of human behavior rooted in my background as a counselor before I became a novelist. The tales are fun, sassy, and (according to my fans) darn good reads. I hope you like these kind of books, too! I look forward to adding you as a fan.

I invite you to discover the other pages on this website by clicking on the links on the sidebar. You will find information about my books, along with trailers of each. The About Me page gives insight into why I write.

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