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Another in our Quotes by Famous Women series

Women themselves condition their daughters to serve the system of male primacy. If a daughter challenges it, the mother will generally defend the system rather than her daughter. These mothers, victims themselves, have unwittingly become wounded wounders. Women need to attack culture’s oppression of women, for there truly is a godlike socializing power that induces women to “buy in” or collude, but we also need to confront our own part in accepting male dominance and take responsibility where appropriate.”

~~Sue Monk Kidd, from the Dance of the Dissident Daughter

Sue Monk Kidd, borrowed from her website

You know how, when you read a certain book and you feel like the author has climbed inside your head, jumbled up your thoughts, and perhaps even your own life experiences, and then rearranged them into words such that you felt like they’d plagiarized your life?

I had just that experience when I read Kidd’s profound book, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. At one point, I even put the book down, looked at my husband and said just such.

If you haven’t read this book, you might want to do so. Sue is one of those women who ‘takes it home.’


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