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I jumped out of the shower that morning, threw on my clothes and rushed to the grocery, not bothering to dry my hair or apply makeup. It’s early, no one will recognize me, I told myself. A few minutes into shopping, a voice over the PA system requested “the driver of a Blue Honda Fit, with a Purple Heart license # XXXX please come to customer service.”

Blue Honda Fit, Purple Heart License plate—pretty dang specific—and they described my car! Had someone hit it? What?

I left my basket and headed to the front. On the way, I decided there was no reason to go all the way to Customer Service, but to go straight to my car. That’s where the problem existed.

As I approached, I saw two men standing at the rear of my car. “Is there a problem?” I asked. The first man said, “No, I don’t have a problem, but this guy can’t get out,” pointing to the second man.

“What’s the prob…” I started, but then stopped mid-sentence as the problem came into view. Although my small car was well within the lines of the parking space, his car, in front of mine, headed the same direction, was parked at the front of the space, and a truck on the other aisle meant his car was what you might call land-locked.   Somehow the lines were really long, and both our cars had fit in the same parking space. The problem was that his vehicle was in front of mine—and he couldn’t get out!

Talk about red-faced. After we both had a good laugh, I apologized profusely.

“By the way,” he said, “how do you like the Fit. I’m thinking about buying one.”

I gave him our experience with the Honda Fit — we love it!” I moved the car and continued my shopping. Meanwhile, he backed out and drove out of the lot–on his way home to tell his wife about his adventure–and the crazy, wild-haired woman!

And as usual, when a story is too funny to keep, I don’t, even when it is on me!

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  1. Susan Kraut #

    What a great story. Glad it did not become a real fiasco and was handled with a good laugh.
    Small cars can really be an asset!

    June 11, 2017
    • Thanks, Susan. I’ve learned it is so much easier to laugh at myself. People have said, “well, I sure wouldn’t tell anyone if I’d done something like that.”My response is, it was too funny of a story to keep to myself! I could just see that driver go home and say, “you wouldn’t believe what this crazy woman with wild hair did today!”

      My take is, it’s a funny story, even if it was on me!

      June 11, 2017
  2. Susan Kraut #

    I totally agree with your philosophy. After my many years on this planet, I finally came to the same conclusion.

    On another subject, when can we expect another of your exceptional stories. I lived “The Swamp Whisperer”.

    Have a great day!

    June 12, 2017
    • Actually, the next book is in draft! It is called Painted Ladies. Sidra and her client must drive to Hot Springs, Arkansas to solve this mystery!! Not sure when it will be ready for release, but it is coming, hopefully some time this year! Thanks for the kind words!

      June 12, 2017
      • Susan Kraut #

        That’s good news about your next Sidra book. Will be looking forward to reading it.

        June 12, 2017

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