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Blue Egg On My Face

2007 Honda FitHeaded to the grocery store first things this morning to beat the rush. Had been shopping for maybe 20-30 mins. when the PA system announced, “Would the driver of a Blue Honda Fit, license # XXXX please come to customer service.”

MY CAR! Had someone hit it? What?

I left my basket and headed to the front. On the way, I decided there was no reason to go to CS — just head to my car. That’s where the problem existed.

As I approached, I saw two men standing at the rear of my car. “Is there a problem?” I asked. The first man said he didn’t have a problem, but this guy can’t get out,” he said, pointing to the second man.

“What’s the prob…” I stopped. Although my car was well within the lines of the parking space, his car was in front of mine and blocked-in by my car! Somehow the lines were really long, and both our cars had fit in the same parking space. The problem was,his was in front of mine–and he couldn’t get out!

Talk about red-faced. After we both had a good laugh, I apologized profusely.

“By the way,” he said, “how do you like the Fit. I’m thinking about buying one.”

I gave him our experience with the Honda Fit — we love it!” I moved the car and continued my shopping. Meanwhile, he backed out and drove out of the lot–on his way home to tell his wife about his adventure–as I did mine!

And as usual, when a story is too funny to keep, I don’t, even when it is on me!

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  1. Sylvia, I can’t believe you didn’t sell him a book.

    May 11, 2013
  2. Always nice to hear a funny story, particularly when we tell it on ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

    May 12, 2013
    • Thanks, Elaine–yes, the tale is always funnier when it is on the teller!!
      Hope you and Black Cat are doing well! We’ve been really busy packing! Good to hear from you!

      May 12, 2013

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