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Coaching for Writers

Writing Coach/Consultant Services

Are you writing a novel? Looking for help making it better? I offer:

  • Manuscript critique
  • Developmental/line editing
  • Synopsis writing/editing
  • Query writing/editing
  • Assistance with submissions
  • Ongoing writing support

Many people dream of writing a novel. Some even put pen to paper, but few finish the task. Those who do, are lost as to where to go from there. Is it a good story? Is it publishable? Do I have what it takes to get this “masterpiece” published, they ask. SDS Writing Consultant offers an objective critique and coaching at reasonable prices.

As a writing consultant, my goal is to enter your fictional world, help you rearrange that world, and then slip out, with your world still intact and very much yours—yet more compelling, more intriguing, and more surprising to the reader.

I find it invigorating when I immerse myself into the middle of your creative process while, at the same time, remaining detached and objective, and yet engaging the writer’s vision, as do you. Just as a writer must corral these two sides of the self – so must I when I work with you.

A multi-published, award-winning writer myself, the work I do with writers is a natural extension of that love. Many writers intend to publish their work, and we focus on this goal, while others want to develop their voice, the craft of writing, and discover their potential as such.

If you work with me, my goal is that you go away with a better understanding of the complicated and complex art of writing, develop new insight about what questions to ask as your work advances. Plus, I want you to feel like I’ve understood your inherent desire of the project, and that I have helped you develop it to its fullest potential. Most of all, I want you to feel excited about your writing and encouraged to continue. For after all, the writing world is indeed magical.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of a writing coach/consultant, please feel free to contact me by using the Contact Me button in the sidebar on the right.

How I Work

My arrangements are flexible according to your needs. My fee is $20.00 an hour. We work at your pace. I ask that you pay a month at the time, and in advance, according to how many hours a month you want. Once we agree to work together, I will send you a link to pay with PayPal.

For example, you can pay for, say, a month’s worth of classes at one hour a week, two hours a week, or whatever, depending upon the speed at which you desire, the volume you submit each time, the speed at which you want to complete the manuscript, and, of course, your financial requirements.

I require a commitment for a minimum of two, one-hour sessions a month for one month ($40.00). That way we stay focused. If you or I need to reschedule a sessions that could definitely be arranged.

I will ask you to send me a chapter at the time for critique and discussion, then we will consult by phone or by Skype (which works well for these sessions.) Also, I will occasionally send you a handout article to read that I think might be helpful (at no extra cost to you.)

In order to be the most effective, you will find  that I encourage you to pay careful attention to the feedback and use it in the next chapter, etc. That way it saves you time and money.

Then, when your manuscript is ready, we can move to Level 2, which is query writing, synopsis, book blurbs, finding an agent and/or a publisher.

If I haven’t answered all your questions, please ask. I look forward to an opportunity to work with you!

Also, I offer one free, five-page consultation to see if what I offer meets your needs. To learn more about this service, send me an email via the Contact page.

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