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Deadly Sins, Deadly Secrets

Deadly Sins, Deadly Secrets, by Sylvia Dickey Smith

Deadly Sins, Deadly Secrets
(Sidra Smart Mystery #2)
by Sylvia Dickey Smith
Softcover • $16.95 • 262 pages
eBook • $4.99

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Crispin Books (April 2012)
Mystery / Thriller / Regional Southwest
$16.95 • ISBN 978-1-883953-46-1
262 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″

“With a little help from a ghostly sidekick, a floppy-eared hound, a meddlesome aunt, and a trusty Cajun-tongued detective, Sidra combs through a lurid web of secrets, lies, and deceit that spans more than half a century.” – Chick Lit Café

“Sylvia Dickey Smith is a master storyteller who weaves a tale tighter than a hangman’s noose. Her characters resonate with a down-home true feeling found in small towns all across America. They come alive on the page. This is a book I could not put down and highly recommend.” – Laine Estep, Mystery Lovers Corner

Rookie P.I. Sidra Smart thinks she knows where she’s headed. But when Sid’s second case requires that she clear the name of a dead man, she finds herself confounded by clues that lead no-where.

She will have to face a baffling series of crimes, a burned-out office, the disappearance of a local preacher’s wife, and the recurring suspicion that answers lurk in the alligator-infested bayous and murky swamps of the Texas/Louisiana border region.

To boot, Sid moves into a ghost-active house and discovers that the past, with tales going back to the Civil War and a spectral hotel-keeper’s journal, might hold the key to the lives of those trapped in an unholy web of deception that spans decades.

In this exciting mystery, Sid finds herself crawling through more than one window, fighting off paramours, and generally establishing herself as a feisty, stubborn female P.I. willing to try ‘most anything to fight injustice in and around the colorful town of Orange.

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