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Honor and Respect: Expect it, Receive it

champagneThe lessons you come into this world to learn will present themselves to you over and over again until you learn them. Once you have, then you will continue to the next lesson.

Thinking about this lesson later this morning I thought of one of my lessons that I have learned that I do not have to repeat. That is allowing people to talk to me in a way that I do not deserve.
When I encounter someone who speaks to me in a rude, abusive, or controlling way, giving me orders when they have no right to do so, I learned to say to them, “I do not talk to people that way, and I will not allow you to talk to me that way.”

Once, I was walking down the street of a small town when a stranger yelled at me, saying, “Stop. Do NOT walk down that street.”

I didn’t know the man from Adam, and turned to him and said, “Is that a please?”

“Oh, please, yes, please, ma’am. We are filming a movie and you were walking right into it. But that was rude of me. I should have asked please.”

My husband marveled at my immediate response. I hadn’t even stopped to wonder who the man was or why he didn’t want me to walk that way. I simply knew I deserved to be asked in a polite, courteous manner. My husband has bragged about that so many times over the years.

I don’t know where my response came from, but it did teach me that is one lesson I have learned. That I deserve to be treated with the same courtesy and respect I give others, and I do not have to settle for anything less than that.

When we know we are worth more, and require better behavior from others, we have learned that lesson well.

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