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Kitchen Table Wisdom

Actually growing things brings a peculiar satisfaction difficult to replicate in any other activity. Growing a patch of petunias, ditch of daises, or a reverie of roses–turning bare dirt into beauty–fulfills a need most of us have. Having a brown thumb precludes my being of use in the garden, but I find joy in helping human beings grow.

~ Bettye Alexander Cook

Thinking about this today, and the time and energy I spend in helping human beings grow–myself as well as others.

I think we best do that by allowing others to see behind our eyes. To be authentic and congruent–inside and out. To listen, not only to what others say, but to our own internal voice–our intuition. To speak truth to power. To connect with each other. To not miss opportunities for self-growth, and to speak with a kind heart.

And amazing book that offers rich lessons, is Kitchen Table Wisdom, by Rachel Naomi Remen. It is available everywhere, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, are your favorite independent bookstore. I sat by the fireplace late at night over the Christmas holidays, soaking in the wisdom in this book. Powerful.

If you want to know what life is about, the wisdom in healing and helping others heal, read this book.

Kitchen Table Wisdom – try it.

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