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Lipsticks and Strong Women

What is the connection between lipsticks and strong women? Think there is none? Well, actually there is–and other women as well.

Today, Writing Strong Women departs from the serious, to the more fun part of being a strong woman, and that is…

You guessed it—lipstick

(Remember, Baubo, the Belly Goddess often drops by for a visit wherever women gather. So—have fun with this today—and you just might want to take it seriously, too! Likely she didn’t wear lipstick, but she was most definitely a strong woman.)

Several years ago, my sister passed me a sheet of paper that compared women’s personalities with the shapes of their tube of lipstick. Since I lost the paper years ago, I decided to surf the web today and see if I could find research on that topic. This is what I found—borrowed from the website at Healthy Happy Love Relationships.

“According to one test, the shape of a woman’s lipstick tip can tell a lot about her personality! Use this chart and see if you fit one of the types described. If nothing else, it is good for some fun.

1. Stays close to original tip slant• Abides by the rules • Great follower • Does not like too much attention • A little self-conscious • Somewhat reserved • Likes a schedule • May occasionally color hair to attract attention.




2. Rounded, smooth tip• Easy going • Peacemaker • Even-tempered • Steady Likable • Generous





3. Sharp-angled tip Opinionated • High-spirited • Dislikes schedules • Selective of friends • Outgoing • Likes attention • Argumentative



4. Sharp-angled, curved tip• Creative • Enthusiastic • Energetic • Talkative • Loves attention • Falls in love easily • Helpful • Needs schedule, but dislikes one.



5. Tip rounded to a point• Lovable • Family-oriented • A “doer” • Can give orders easily • Domestic • Exaggerates sometimes • Stubborn over little things • Needs people around



6. Flat top• To the point • High morals • Needs approval • Careful about appearances • Very dependable • Conservative • Quick mind • Loves challenges




7. Flat top concave• Makes a great detective • Makes friends easily • Inquisitive • Adventurous • A ‘prober’• Complex • Exciting




8. Sharp angles both sides• Spiritual • Curious • Seeks attention • Mysterious • Big ego • Faithful • Looks for easy way • Loves life





Okay, here a photo of my favorite tube of lipstick. What type personality would you guess I have based on the shapes of my tubes–which, if you notice, all take the same shape. What do you think? What shape is yours, and do you think this chart targets your personality?

Lipsticks and Strong Women–we get along just fine!

****NOTE TO MEN: There is something in this post for you as well. Check out the shape of the lipsticks of the women in your life and it will give you a glimpse of who they are, what they like, and perhaps what they don’t like–and you’ll be way ahead of the other men!

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