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One Woman’s Journey To Wholeness

a href=”http://www.syl <" rel="attachment wp-att-3544">Original Cyn, by Sylvia Dickey Smith

Writing my newly-released novel, Original Cyn, pushed me harder and deeper than anything I have written to date. I didn’t want to write a book I’d ‘already written.’ I didn’t want to write a book that simply entertained. I felt compelled to write a book that pushed the envelope. Something that made people think, that shoved me and my reader beyond our comfort zones, a book that raised questions.

A small target to hit, right?

When a writer’s heart feels so led, the writer doesn’t have to find the story, the story finds them, and then demands to be told, forbidding the author to blink when the going gets tough.

However, as Original Cyn took shape, I found myself shoved beyond my comfort zone into a story that pushes boundaries, some which were mine years ago. A book I knew many might refuse to read—may judge me, may ostracize me. But write I did, because I could do no other. Believe it or not that was the easy part, the story told itself.

However, now is the time to publish it—to put it out there for others to read. This requires me to face my fears. Why do I put myself in that situation? Because in my heart of hearts, I know the time is right for this story to be told.

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