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Original Cyn

Original Cyn, by Sylvia Dickey Smith

Original Cyn
by Sylvia Dickey Smith
Available in Softcover
or Kindle ebook editions

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White Bird Publications (March 29, 2016)
288 pages
Fiction / Women’s Issues
978-1-63363-149-6 • softcover • $18.99

Drowning in the lack of identity beyond the one assigned by her preacher-husband, Cynthia wonders whether she should stay in the relationship.

But before she can decide, events force her to flee. If she goes far enough fast enough, those back home will have to deal with the chaos they created. Deal with it . . . or go to hell in their sanctimonious handbaskets.

Until a phone conversation leaves her with even more difficult choices.

“When I first started reading Original Cyn, I expected a typical story targeting ‘women of a certain age.’ After all, Cyn was at that stage in life when her son was leaving home. Her husband neglected her and obsessed over obeying the rules and living up to what his church expected of their pastor. Neglected and frustrated, Cyn deserved a romantic interlude, and the opportunity is hinted at. It wasn’t long before I realized this book was much deeper than that. I was hooked. The author took on a difficult subject and handled it with sensitivity and insight. Her characters survive the unthinkable, and grow. This timely story will open minds and hearts and keep you hooked right to the end.” —Holly Sullivan McClure

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