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Rules, Rules, Rules


Rules, rules, rules. I’ve always been a rules player. It was important to me to know the rules, so I could keep them. And don’t change the rules mid-stream without telling me, then jump on me because I didn’t keep one!

However, that was in my first life. Age has a way of mellowing us. Giving us a different outlook on brainlife–and rules. It took me a long time to learn, and live, a more balanced approach.

I have since learned I am enough—right now—to be who I want to be. To write what I want to write.
There is no “if only,” some perfectible version of me I must wait to occur in the future.

Sometimes we tend to think the party is happening somewhere else. It isn’t. The ‘party’ is this day, this minute, right here in my living room.

I continue to learn to work with what I am given. And, boy, the move to Hot Springs has given me so much to work with. However, it is important that I pay attention or I might miss it. I must stay attuned to what is going on around me.

Sometimes we have a damaged idea about inspiration—something or someone is coming to give us ideas. Yet, ideas surround me–at all times. Inspiration is great, but that doesn’t mean we need to sit and wait until it strikes. It is here!

I know everything I need to know–at this very minute. Now, I tell myself, do something with it.

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  1. I love this, Sylvia. This is one of those pieces one must read several times and then think about all day.

    September 10, 2013

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