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The Painted Ladies

5h Book in the Sidra Smart series.


Old houses . . . do they celebrate happy times with us? Do hurt when we hurt? Or do their have their own stories to whisper in the night, their own dark secrets to hide?

In this 5th book in the award-winning Sidra Smart mystery series, slightly psychic private investigator Sidra Smart has a young female client who has inherited not one but three mysterious Victorian houses in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The moment Sidra walks into the Painted Ladies, she senses something is off kilter. Is it just that the houses were commonly known as brothels in the early 1900s, in the days when the likes of Al Capone and other ne’er-do-wells spent much wanton time in the resort town?

As autumn transforms to winter, Sidra needs to protect her client, young Belle Anderson, from getting drawn too deeply into a tangled web of odd stories, spectral visitors, unsettling mysteries, and possible evil deeds committed.

As the snow falls, the two women, with their faithful sidekicks (dogs Slider and Jenkins), must try to get to the bottom of what lies beneath the facade of the beautifully painted Victorians.

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  1. Susan Kraut #

    Really looking forward to this latest Sidra Book. I knew the title was to be “Painted Ladies” But never thought it would be old Victorian houses; more along the lines of the “residents of the houses and their stories. Also, thought it might continue in the line of the last book in the wild forest setting. Regardless, I know it will be good.
    Best to you.

    October 30, 2018
  2. Thank you Susan, for the comment!! Really hope you like it….and are not disappointed. These houses rather “demanded” I write this book.
    Odd, I know.
    There is a theme throughout the book that I had not planned. These stories lead me, rather than the other way around!

    Let me know after you read it, whether it worked for you or not.

    October 30, 2018

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