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Story—myth—is what holds societies together. It creates full-spectrum color out of what would otherwise be a black and white world. Story adds meaning, excitement, hope, focus, inspiration, commitment, dedication, renewal, and foundation to our life. (To name a few. The list is endless)

We create not only our present, but also our future, by the stories we recount to others, and sometimes to ourselves, about who we are and where we are going.

Nancy Baker Jones says, “Told long enough, or granted enough significance, stories become myth and myth become the psyche culture, the commonly held knowledge by which a culture defines and describes itself and its members.”

These myths do not develop overnight. Betty Sue Flowers is quoted to have said, “Myths do not emerge full-blown, like Athena from the head of Zeus. They’re made up of bits and pieces of other myths…”

In our historically patriarchal society, myth has been male dominant. Over the generations, men sat around campfires and told their tales (or wrote their books, sold them, and received rave reviews as if only men were authors.)

However, times are a changing. As more women find their voices, they begin telling their own stories, redrawing our psyche culture, altering the commonly held knowledge by which our world defines and describes itself.

I encourage women today to find that sacred place. Gather your memories around you, invite the stories of your life to unfold, and then write then down. When you do, not only do you discover your own stories, but you also help create a new mythology for us, for our daughters and for our granddaughters.

And as you write, let the words of golf champion, Babe Erickson Zaharias inspire you.

“It’s not enough to swing at the ball. You’ve got to loosen your girdle and let ’er fly.”



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  1. Carol Stanfill #

    I like this

    August 12, 2017
  2. Thanks, Carol. In the process, I think we often forget that we, too, are myth-makers.

    August 12, 2017
  3. Susan Kraut #

    Well, I enjoyed reading this and would hope many more do too.

    August 12, 2017
    • Thank you, Susan. And thanks for dropping by. It is important, I think, to see the bigger picture of our lives–that go beyond this lifetime. It is important to pass that wisdom down to our children, I believe.

      August 12, 2017
  4. I agree with you, Sylvia. Females of all ages have significant life stories that could be helpful to other women in ways that they may be unaware. Each time a woman discoveres her voice and does tell her story, she impowers all women. As a sisterhood, we should stand united and help each other achieve. The ladder of success is climbed one step at a time. Sometimes it may feel as tough we step up three and back two, but we should help her find her courage to keep climbing onward, upward, until she reaches here goal. We women should write and speak out about what we know all the while becoming a greater listener and remain open to new ideas and experiences. Our spirit, subconscious and morals will lead us if we would just allow it. Wisdom and power are earned. We must earn our wings before we fly, but we must keep believing that we can fly and always keep trying.

    August 15, 2017
    • Great comments, Judy. I so agree. Wisdom comes from many directions and experiences. Open to learning and liistening is critical! Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

      August 16, 2017

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