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Official Launch Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We’re getting right down to the nitty-gritty of being a strong woman. Who is she? What is she? How does she get there? What set her on that path? Who/what helped? When?

Hint of what’s coming…….

Strong Women emerge at different stages and ages, often because we don’t know any other way to get there. We will talk about the crossroads a woman gets to where she says, “I’m not gonna take this @##$%% anymore.”

Questions we will chat about are how does one become a strong woman (assuming you are female!)

And,  related to that, we will look at the stages a young (and sometimes not so young) woman must often go through that are counter-productive, and then look at ways to teach her how to stand strong in her own power and stay true to herself.

Our categories are:

The Princess


The Princess is the girl/woman who thinks the world revolves around her and her needs. Who thinks the world beats a path to her door bearing a tiara and kingdom.


The Bully


The Bully is the girl/woman who covers her own lack of self-confidence by belittling/intimidating someone else.




Mean Girl




Mean Girl is the girl/woman who runs amuck over others to get her own way, to build herself up by  belittling/ putting down others.



The Gossip (others wise known as “a biddy”cares not whether the tale she shares is true or not, or the damage it does to the victim. She delights in creating chaos in an organization

The Bioch

The Bioch Oh don’t we all know what this is……..and know one. Perhaps we ourselves have climbed on that ladder at one time or the other. Those who are, often brag about it. (Hence the license plate.) A bioch is a woman with attitude, who put themselves and their opinions above all else. A woman who has all the answers, and is willing to run roughshod over others.

The Steel Magnolia


Steel Magnolias are strong women who like themselves and others. Who stand in their own power without abusing others, or allowing others to abuse them. They know who they are, what they stand for, what they don’t stand for, and what they absolutely won’t stand for.




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